Trey Morgan is a national radio personality who can be heard lighting up the airwaves on New York City's Fresh 102.7. Born in LA and raised in Dallas, TX, Trey found his calling in Florida where he got his start interning at a small radio station. While in Florida, Trey gained experience as both a producer and programmer before making a name for himself as one of America's premiere on-air talents.

As an on-air personality, Trey has gained a remarkable following as the "Voice of Now". His honest nature and charismatic personality have led to various media opportunities beyond radio. Trey has also branched out into other mediums including; television, film, voice over and modeling. Trey has acted as host of a variety of shows from music to food to travel to game shows and you can see him as a regular guest on CNN and VH1. Trey's genuine approach and relaxed demeanor has made him a favorite for celebrities who are sincerely excited to sit down with Trey for a one-on-one interview. Recently, Trey has added modeling to his extensive resume. After walking in New York Fashion Week 2013 he signed with CESD Talent Agency under their modeling division.